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This is the online home of Steve and Karen Montgomery
"We are all in the same boat on a stormy sea and
we owe each other a terrible loyalty."
- G. K. Chesterson

Welcome to Steve and Karen Online!  It is our desire to share a bit of our lives, our interests and our travels.  We want to provide a place where our family can come to reminice of special events and where anyone can learn of and find links to a variety of interests. 

As time and opportunity pemits we will add travelogue information of our visits to some of the interesting and out of the way places here in Florida.

You will find links to news events including lots of military links related to Operation Iraqi Freedom and the continuing operations there.  We have move our database of those who have lost their lives helping to secure and preserve freedom for the Iraqi people.

The new site is Front Line Report.com and will include an expanded "Letters From Iraq", a "Gallery" of photos and flash presentations supporting the troops, "News Feeds" for daily headlines on the war on terror and troop support links.

"Letters from Iraq," devoted to bringing letters from those on the Iraqi front to our visitors, will remain active on this site in a legacy form while updates will be posted on Front Line Report.com. Learn of life in a military encampment, battle from the troops viewpoint, the humor and heartfelt concerns of the men and women of the 30th Brigade Combat Team.

We will maintain our list of various ways you can support our troops overseas and away from their families.  These are trying times and all our men and women in uniform need our support.

Included in the mix on this site are pages of links to a large variety of interests including Christian Theatre, Honoring Veterans, Kidney Disease, Postal Interests and so forth. 

My blog, "florida ramblings" has taken a life of it's own with it's own site theme and feel and I'm enjoying the opportunity of daily commentary. 

I'll keep you up to date on what's going on in my puny mind on florida ramblings while using other site features like our Newsletter for more periodic updates on personal happenings here. 

While visiting, don't forget to sign our guest and comment book!

As we receive updates to the status of friends and family serving in Iraqi Freedom we will post it  Click on the link to the left, "Those Serving in Iraq" for access.
Come visit us often to see whats happening in Florida! 

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